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Born in Richmond, Virginia on August 7th, 1937, and passed away on July 12th, 2023. He was the founder of Sound of Soul Records and was known as a singer-songwriter, jitterbug dancer, recording artist, radio-TV talk show activist, business owner, proud father of seven, husband, and Virginia native. His fans across the globe knew him as Mr. Wiggles the Performer and August Moon The Mouth of The South Citizen Activist. 

Rest in peace to Richmond Virginia Godfather of Soul Music Mr. Wiggles, aka August Moon. Always Pop to me, your son Alfonso M. Smith, aka A .Max Smith,

CEO of Sound of Soul Records.com  and CEO of ProMarketing Las Vegas Publishing. I am grateful to serve as your son, just like my father. Matthew 7:7 blessings to all that read this, and thanks for your support over the decades to the Mr. Wiggles Sound of Soul Music family. 

Our founder's favorite closing remarks were, "You pray for me, and I pray for you. Father GOD will bless us both." I am a witness to the fact that God does answer prayer - Alexander Randolph, aka Mr. Wiggle, August Moon. 




Life story

Mr. Wiggles at a very young age knew what he wanted to be. Born Alexander  Randolph in Richmond Virginia under the sign Leo the Lion on August 7th 1937.

Mr.Wiggles learned a lot at an early age about show business. The old timers showed me the ropes, and he never forgot them.

But Mr. Wiggles went on tho see and experience much greener pastures in 1958. He Became friends of great acts like Little Richard,Chuck Berry Fats Domino.

By 1964 Mr. Wiggles recorded Wash My Back and Homeboy on his own label called Golden Triangle

Wash my back Sounded a lot like Jimmy Reed. Jack Holmes of WRAP in Norfolk in VA taled to John R. and Horse Allen of WLAC in Nashville, TN a 50,000 watt station. Mr. Wiggles got in his car and drove to meet them. To his surprise they both where white. "Everybody all over  the nation would listen to there show because they where playing soul music ever night.

There I Was. Standing there in front of them, and they laughed because I did not look like no blues singer. And i never had a problem with that. Because of them, those song are still a hit across the world today. So thank you Jack Holmes "Now at that time you could always find me at my drop in NYC on  125th street and 7th Avenue in Harlem. Under The Theresa Hotel and down the street from the World Famous Apollo Theatre. That was the action spot.  That was one of the only places the entertainers stayed while in New York City. The other was the Cecil.

!964 Fatback was recorded in Philadelphia on Dick Clark Label Cameo Parkway Records. I was lucky to have Little Richard Band  the "World Famous Upsetters. to back me up.

A man before his time Mr. Wiggles had always wanted to own record label, be a singer song writer,a producer and publisher of music. Which a lot of artist did not understand in the early 60's .

Many Artist Records for Mr.Wiggles Sound of Soul Record Label Family. Dicke Wonder, Little Tommy, Sebastains House Rockers, Carol Cook, Larry Saunders, Tanya Frye, Freak,NextMillennium, Roderick,Blackheart,Cool Carl,Oscar Wright ,Lulu Howard, Sir Walter Raleigh, Danny Boy, Lonnie Richardson, Tomorrows Peoples,Sterling Harris and Next Generation Rap Group.

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Sound of Soul Records Founder

Alexander Randolph  Professionally  know  as Virgina Recording Artist  Mr Wiggles /  August Moon  Owner Sound of Soul Productions LLC Richmond Virginia.

Standing: Mark Warner R. Warner                                                                       U.S. Senator for the Commonwealth of Virginia                                            Founder Columbia Capital Digital Investing Firm of Virginia.                           

Standing : A.Max . Smith                                                                                       CEO Publisher ProMarketing Las Vegas Publishing Firm                                 CEO Publisher



A Few Wise Words From The Boss August Moon

        Word & Image: August Moon, 67 

Source Style Weekly May 11,2005 - Richmond Weekly Newspaper 

Singer-songwriter, jitterbug dancer, founder, Sound of Soul Records 

Drugs have took over our community, our kids running wild. The only thing you can believe in is God. I believe in God, and I stay focused, and little by little I'm going to be successful. I got a catalog, 150 acts and songs. I've been offered $3 million for my company. I turned it down. If I can get $3 million, I can get $3 billion if I hold on to it long enough. It ain't no money, man. It's money to you, but it ain't no money to me. I know the business. I've been in the business 42 years as a record executive. I'm the only black standing that distributes his own product. If you go to Motown, you got to go through a white person, because they sold out. But not Sound of Soul. 

Like Michael Jackson. They want to take Michael's catalog from him. I wish him the best. You can put that down. I wish Mike the best. He going to beat the trial because they trying to frame him. They want the catalog. See, the catalog is big money. 

I want to leave something to my kids, to the foundation, to poor people when I die. I'm not working this hard for me. I'm working this hard to help the downtrodden, and to help my grandchildren, to help my grandkids, to help my wife, to help the city I love, Richmond. I'm going to be the first black man in this city to have his own foundation. That's why Consolidated Bank, I hate to see it, it went belly-up. A.D. Price went belly-up. As long as I'm in the music business, I'm not going to be belly-up. The music business is not like no business in the world. Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk, the Harmonizing Four, if they handle their business right, will go on forever and ever and ever. — as told to Scott Bass; photographed by Scott Elmquist



Remember God Always Has The Last Word :

Friends of Mr.Wiggles and His Son Alfonso Smith

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A Few Wise Last Words From The BOSS

Great Soul Instrumentals Produced By Sound of Soul Records

Mr. Wiggles and Friends a Classic Soul Journey

Mr. Wiggles aka August moon

Mr. Wiggles & Friends a Classic Soul Journey of Mid 60' Soul Funk . Celebrates Sound of Soul Records 50th Anniversary. Featuring Our Founder Mr.Wiggles Classic Early Hits . Listen to ten digital remastered full length originals cut from 1960 Studio Tapes.

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Mr. Wiggles & Friends a Classic Soul Journey of Mid 60' Soul Funk . Celebrates Sound of Soul Records 50th Anniversary. Featuring Our Founder Mr.Wiggles Classic Early Hits . Listen to ten digital remastered full length originals cut from 1960 Studio Tapes.

Membership Benefits For Content Producers

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