What do I need to do if I’m a songwriter with a publishing agreement? 

If you are a songwriter with a publishing agreement, you need to inform your publisher that your new song contains a sample and that a certain percentage is shared with original rightsholders and SampleBeatz.com. We recommend sharing equally in the ”cost” of the sample – that the % due to original rightsholders comes off the top. 

Example: you have acquired a sample license for a 15s sample of a Category C track. This means you will share 10% of the total 100% publishing pie with the original publisher(s), songwriter(s) and SampleBeatz.com. and 90% goes to you and your publisher. 

Let’s say that you have a 30%/70% publishing agreement with your publisher, meaning that your publisher gets 30% and you get 70% of the publishing split. This means that for this song that contains a sample, you get 63% as a songwriter, your publisher gets 27% and original rightsholders get 10%.

How do I invite friend to get a free track credit? 

If you invite a friend to  SampleBeatz.com  that's not already a user at SampleBeatz.com, the person invited get a specific free track! Once they've signed up, you'll get one credit which you can use to purchase any track for free. You can invite as many friends as you like, each of their signups will earn you one track credit. 

Remember to tell your friend to use the signuplink with your invite key. Just copy the link from your referral page by either going to Profile, then referrals. From there, use "Copy link", or share it directly via Facebook or Twitter. You can also invite a friend by email. 

If you have any questions, please contact SampleBeatz.com  support by emailing publishing@SampleBeatz.com

How do I get a sample license? 

You must purchase a song before you can license it. All songs you have purchased are listed if you go to "Tracks" and filter for purchased tracks by using the checkbox "Only show purchased tracks" in the right sidebar. If you want to know how to purchase a track, see "How do I purchase tracks?". 

To license your purchased track, go to "Your songs" and first register it by choosing the song you want to license in the drop down list, which license you need (depending on how many seconds you want to sample) and a description of what elements you want to sample. 

Once registered, go to "Your songs" and click license on your registered song.

Can I loop the sample in the song I’m producing? 

Yes! You can loop it if you want. So if you have gotten a Standard Sample License, you can loop your 15 seconds and produce your song with the sample looping through the whole or parts of the song. Just remember that your song has to be original, so be creative! You are not allowed to simply produce a loop from the original with none of your own input - your song must be substantially different from the original sample even if it is looped.