Are You Do Past or Present Royalties

Music Industry Challenge 

The global music licensing ecosystem is a complex system of businesses, trade organizations, governments and music consumers transacting in real-time enabling trillions of uses of music generating billions of dollars in revenue for millions of rights-holders and income participants around the world. 

With this level of complexity, inefficiencies are widespread. Parties transacting domestically and abroad look to existing laws, music industry customs, direct negotiations and available resources to properly identify and account to an innumerable, and often changing, number of rights-holders and income participants. 

As a result, many of these entitlements slip through the cracks every day and become unclaimed, unattributed, unmatched, and undistributed for many reasons, including but not limited to: a music licensee's inability to identify rights-holders, income participants being omitted from music registrations, incorrect metadata used to identify and link music to rights, out-dated or missing income participant contact information on file with royalty collection societies, or simply a result of out-of-touch copyright laws.

We Can Help You Collect Past and Present Royalties 

Our Approach 

We conducts extensive research into the global music licensing ecosystem. Our team taps a number of sources to procure data regarding unclaimed music entitlements and determine the significance of such data to rights-holders. 

Our mission is to aid in providing transparency that creates access to information that has an economic impact on music creators and rights-holders around the world. 

For the first time, music creators and rights-holders are able to quickly search, find, and act on their entitlement in certain unclaimed royalties and music licenses.

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