How much does a sample licence cost? 

The cost of a sample license is split up in three parts: 

License Administration Fee + Digital Sample File Advance  Fee +  % of future song royalty.

This is what you pay to get a sample license: Category C costs $50 and is non-recoupable, B cost $ 500 and  A $ 2,500 $ these are non -recoupable one time  advance fee.
Example: you pay $50 for a sample license, release your new song, start making money and share  20% of  your song earns.  With file copyright owner.  All details are explained in the sample license. 

Publishing rights royalties. Register your new song with a Publishing Rights Organization as explained in the sample license. When your song generates publishing income (from streaming, radio, live etc.)  As a PRO member of . You can get personal  administration  services. You will automatically receive your share,  will the original publisher(s) and songwriter(s). We’re of course here to help if you have any questions during song registration! 

Example: A category C track 15 second sample = publishing royalties of 10 %. 

Recording rights royalties. This is managed by you or your label. You register the new recording and its performers with a Recording Rights Organization. When your song generates recording income (from streaming, vinyls, CDs etc.), you account and pay a percentage of royalty directly to us (or use a distributor like Distrokid that supports automatic revenue sharing). We in turn pay the original record label their share. Accounting and payment of these royalties are due semi-annually directly on the website  site. 
Example:  You Sample  15 second music track for  sampling  in a music production = recording royalties of 10 %.  Paid to  music copyright owner.

Unless you already have a label and/or publisher, we recommend  getting a Pro Membership  and distribute with , revenue sharing is automatic. For members  just  email us @ “” with the % listed in the sample license, and you’re done. 

* The fee you pay to acquire a license is an advance flat fee  payment.  You must pay royalties on future revenue from your new recording / video.     (Apart from synch and neighboring rights revenues)